Yet Another Set of New Chairs Underway

Club Chair with LeatherIn addition to the set of dining chairs shown in mockup phase in my last post I am just finishing this set of two Art Deco Club Chairs with a matching ottoman for a very good client.  These are Imbuya Burl veneer framed in solid Wenge.  The leather is from Italy and will be a dark brown color with black markings, it looks quite nice with the Wenge.

This project came about after my client saw an Art Deco club chair he liked from the 1920’s.  He wanted to replicate some of the details in a new chair while updating some other details.  One thing we changed was to minimize the upholstery and maximize the visible woodwork.  The original chair had a fully upholstered back, side and front panels where our has an inset back cushion and veneered side and front panel.  We also scaled down the overall size of the chair just a bit to fit it to the clients room.

After drawing the chairs and ottoman in my modeling program I made an initial mockup of the chair with all of the key dimensions in place so we could evaluate it for looks and comfort.  A few additional trim pieces were added after the mockup phase to frame the lower edge of all the veneered panels and we adjusted the dimensions a bit more as well.  Club Chair Mockup

Club Chair PhotoshopedMy client, who happens to be fantastic with Photoshop, pasted images of the Imbuya Burl veneer on an image of the chair so we could test trim thicknesses and veneer patterns.  This ended up quite helpful in selecting the right veneer matches and coloring.

The last picture shows the chair upholstered with some test material so we could check the feel and look of the leather before committing to a final thickness and shape on each part.  I actually really like how the white material highlights the sharp lines of the chair but white definitely isn’t the color we’d want on this chair, makes it very modern.

Club Chair Test Upholstery