Stickley Inspired Table with Silver and Copper Inlay


30″ high by 33″ wide by 14″ deep

Curly Claro Walnut, Maple Burl, Walnut, Sterling Silver, and Copper

This piece of furniture has a number of firsts for me, it’s the first Stickley inspired piece I have built and it is the first time I have done a serious amount of metal inlay. The table has a combination of Sterling Silver and Copper inlays on the top and front in the form of line inlay and a series of diamond shaped and square medallions.  The table is built from one very nice board of Curly Claro Walnut and a batch of nicely figured Maple Burl.  It has a small drawer that is supported only from the back panel so it has the appearance of floating in the central space.  There is no drawer pull but the bottom edge of the drawer is designed to function as the pull.

The metal inlay work was interesting and it is something I will be incorporating in future pieces, maybe using different metals and patterns.