Serpentine Media Center

102″ long by 20″ deep by 34″ high

Honduran Mahogany, Bird’s Eye Maple, Maple, Ebony, and various marquetry woods

This serpentine media center was created for an East Coast client that needed space to store electronic components underneath a wall mounted flat screen TV.  We designed the cabinet so the electronics were stored in a tall cabinet with a tambour door next to a lowered serpentine cabinet section.  The flat screen TV mounts above the lowered section of the cabinetry.  To further enhance the visual appeal of the cabinet we added Cherry blossom marquetry flowing across the four curved doors.

The entire exterior of the cabinet (and the two matching side tables) was built from a single large piece of Honduran Mahogany that I resawed into 1/8″ veneer and a single bundle of nicely figured Bird’s Eye Maple veneer. To highlight the black detailing I added a black patina to the brass knife hinges and used solid Ebony handles on the media center and side tables.

We finished the Mahogany with a red grain filler and satin Conversion Varnish while the Bird’s Eye Maple is finished with just the stain Conversion Varnish.  The curved side tables will be featured in a future post.