Opal and Ebony Inlayed Dining Table


Cherry, Ebony, Synthetic Opal, Holly, and Alder.


This small dining table started with a very good clients need for a table to fit inside their breakfast nook, which also happened to be the focal point of the kitchen/dining area of the home.  We started with a bookmatched Cherry top made with two beautiful wide Cherry boards and added inlays of blue/green Opal, Ebony and Holly.  The Opal was nested inside a thin Ebony border and the Holly was added around the perimeter of the table to highlight the gently curved edges.  Since having very accurate inlays was important I worked with Jaime Aulson of Aulson Inlay to have them CNC cut the Ebony and Opal pieces.  The base of the table is Alder and also has matching Ebony and Opal inlays flowing up the vertical portion of the legs and Ebony feet.