Gladiola Marquetry Blanket Chest

27″ high by 18″ deep by 34″ long
Cherry, Tineo, M’Futu and various marquetry veneers
One of several new blanket chests displaying some of my new floral marquetry designs.  This chest features marquetry imagery of white Gladiola flowers on a Tineo veneer background framed in solid Cherry.  The interior of the chest is veneered in M’Futu, a straight grained gold colored wood, which creates a warm golden glow when the chest is opened.  The blanket chest is finished with satin Lacquer inside and out.

The design of the Gladiola blanket chest came from my desire to move away from Dogwood flower marquetry and curved panels and instead make something using only straight lines and new marquetry imagery.  The white Gladiola flowers seem especially dramatic against the darker striped background of the Tineo veneer and the angular design of the chest works well to frame the marquetry panels.