Demilune Sideboards

36″ high by 18″ deep by 48″ wide
Marquetry Sideboard:  Wenge, Ash Burl, Quarter Sawn Maple, Ebony, Rosewood ,Ash, Maple, Poplar, and Holly

Cherry and Granite Sideboard:  Cherry, Figured Satinwood, Quarter Sawn Maple, Green Verde Granite, Ebony
Two more additions to my growing series of demilune sideboards.  The first features marquetry imagery of Gardenia flowers and branches and several Blue Ulysses butterflies in Jet Onyx Reconstituted Stone and Blue Acrylester inlayed into the top and one door.  The marquetry flowers are on a background of Ash Burl framed in solid Wenge.  This piece was inspired by my larger Gardenia Sideboard seen by a new client while it was on display at the Design In Wood Exhibition.  This sideboard has feet and inlay in Ash and is finished in Satin Lacquer.

The second demilune sideboard has decoratively veneered panels of figured Satinwood and Cherry framed in solid Cherry.  It also has Ebony feet and an interior veneered in Quartersawn Maple.  This sideboard has a top of Green Verde Granite framed in Cherry as seen in the detail image.   It is finished in Satin Lacquer.