Art Deco Chess Table 2

24″ square by 34″ high
Walnut, Walnut Burl, Holly, Ebony, and Maple
This is the second version of my original Art Deco inspired Chess Table, this one in Walnut and Holly with a playing surface of Walnut Burl and Holly.  There is one drawer for chess piece storage in Maple lined with dark brown velvet.  The finish is semi-gloss Lacquer and the top has been rubbed to a nice sheen.

You can see in the front profile photo the delicate proportions of this chess table design and how the overall shapes are refined and minimal.  These features are present in the original table design as well but the look is quite different when seen in a more subtle wood like Walnut and with less inlay when compared to the more dramatic Macassar Ebony of the first table.

I wrote two articles for Fine Woodworking magazine about the original Chess Table.  The first article detailed my procedure for veneering the cove shaped sides of the main box and the second covered how to create a veneered chessboard.